Parameter group : 20 groups parameter for switching.

Pad : 16 pads with velovity and with RGB indicator lights, Four groups of A/B/C/D can be switched, equivalent to 64 pads available.

Knobs : ● 4 non-polar rotary encoders.

             ● Switched by the Knob Bank button, which is equivalent to 12 knobs.

Fader : 4 Faders.

Interface : USB Type-B, 3.5mm MIDI interface.

Note Repeat : Note repeat function, you can set the Swing/Gate/Tempo/note length of Repeat.

16 Level : A note can be assigned 16 levels of different force triggers.

Full Level/Haft Level : The pads output according to full or half -full velocity, and the pads can be set to 3 different velocity response curves.

Transport function : Provides 5 transport buttons.

Sequencer function : Yes

MIDI Clock Sync: Internal/External.

Pad Modes : Note(With After Touch Function), CC, Program Change.

Power Supply : USB port power supply/Battery.

Output Channel of Pad : Can be set.