Module SM104
Snare 13″ dual-triggering mesh snare
Tom 10″x3 dual-triggering mesh tom
Bass Drum 18″ bass drum
Hi-Hat 10″ dual-triggering cymbal
Crash 12″x2 dual-triggering cymbal

·It contains 429 sounds, 30 default drum kits, 20drum kits for user defined.

·For each drum and cymbal, you can set Volume, Sensibility, Curve, Mask time, Retrig Lev el, Anti-cross, etc.

·Variety features on sound module such as recording, replay, etc.

·Support USB-MIDI, AUX IN, TOM 4 & CRASH 2 expansion interface .

·Built-in 15 default accompaniment songs.

·The built-in metronome and time scope assists you master rhythm better