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Module SM104
Snare 10″ dual-triggering mesh snare
Tom 8″x2、10″x1 dual-triggering mesh snare
Bass Drum 8″ bass drum
Hi-Hat 12″ dual-triggering cymbal
Crash 12"dual-triggering cymbal .
Ride 12" dual-triggering cymbal .

◇   Equipped with 5 drums and 4 cymbals, dual-triggering for all pads, 3 triggering

for Rid, with pinch edge function.

◇   It contains 346 sounds, 20 default drum kits, 30 drum kits for user defined.

◇   For each drum and cymbal, you can set Volume, Sensibility, Curve, Mask time,

Retrig Level, Anti-cross, Dynamic range, etc.

◇   Variety features on sound module such as recording, replay, review, loop, etc.

◇   Built-in 15 default accompaniment songs.

◇   The built-in metronome and time scope assist you master rhythm better.