HXW Technology Co., Ltd is located in Shenzhen, China.  Its a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, design, production and sales of the electronic musical instruments since 2011. HXW and avatar are the brands. HXW brings together many well-experienced engineers and musicians. After years of improvement and innovation, we now has been developed a mature and complete production of electronic drums and  musical instruments, including the percussion accessories, drum amps, drum pad and bluetooth MIDI adaptor, etc.   Many national and international technical patents have been obtained at here. Nowadays, our products sold throughout the country and exported the world over 25 countries and regions.

Keep Innovation

On User-based

HXW electronic drum kit is different compared to other E-drums in the market. It adopted with the patent of non-contact sensor system which is fixed on bottom of drum, instead of installed next to the head of drum. This system provides a high speed, equalized sound and more accurate striking response. Besides, with the unique mesh head construction, the elasticity of mesh head is more close to the acoustic drum head, and its dynamic range also wider than others. Tightness of our mesh head can also be adjusted according to different requests. We will continue innovating and provide more amazing products in future.
As a professional electronic musical instrument manufacturer. HXW Technology also attaches great importance to product quality while paying attention to innovation. From material coming, production and shipping, every step is strictly controlled. Every product at HXW must undergo strict quality testing before it goes into market. Quality certifications required by most of the countries are also available here. We believe the only way to success is to provide high quality product for our customers. Both quality and innovation are the eternal pursuit at HXW.
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